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harlow 2009

the year in review.. i like reflecting on my life and tryin all means to improve the areas in my life. Generally 2008 has been a rather eventful year for me

i've finally got a car and im driving about... got into my first accident too on nye... thankfully its not a bad one and most importantly de other car hit mine.. hehe...

finally changed job too... much better pay and position. Unfortunately im not really flyin in this job at moment. colleagues are pleasant enough.

Completed de marathon too.. woohoo!!! de only darn thing on my list i managed to do.. 

may not have achieved as much as i wanted to do but im still thankful.

thankful tat

i have a stable family, its fun to hang with de bro. he is as insane as me when it comes to partyin

i have a group of awesome frens, whom i can depend on and crap with. praks is back. woohoo!!

i still have a job, tat pays quite decent

i can still overspend n not be broke

i somehow managed to complete de marathon

i have a vehicle and tat im able to drive it 

i have been growin as a person

the only blight in 2008 is tat im not with her anymore. Though we have alot of difference, i really loved all our similiarities, her little idiosyncrasies and that we had a life together. i still miss her loads

 these couple of months have proven that im not in love with love. i was really in love with her and its not gonna easy for anyone to waltz into my life.  not gonna take silly suggestion to get attached simply for de sake of it..  there is much more to life than simply bein with someone.

a little personal success note: I didnt smoke whilst drinkin on tuesday.. woohoo!!! its starts now

Discipline and focus...  there wont be any new year resolutions coz  i already have certain goals tat i've set and have yet to achieve it. gonna achieve those first
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yeah bro, think you can be proud of your achievements this year!