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this was not the life i ordered

occasionally, you sink into a state of melancholic, the world just seems dull, boring and you dun really know wad you are doing and why are you doing it. listenin to mazzy star seldom helps

spent the weekend watching this k-drama couple or trouble. It is a delightfu romantic k-drama/comedy  which departs frm those usual heavy drama series that often end in terminal illness, suicide, terminal blindness, brain tumour or simply getting knocked down by some random vehicle. the two main proteganists are witty and a delight to watch. in addtion, there are very few of those 'she looks left, he looks right, they miss each other by mere moments' or 'run to airport just a few minutes too late'  really annoying sort of scenes. one of those few dramas where all characters are really likable.

went to kl for the galfren's bdae. had a wonderful stay at traders. it was a good getaway of sorts. frankly, simply spending time with each other, doing everything n nothing is rather therapeutic.

 i wish i had a guitar now.

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