mole (moledoe) wrote,

stuff tat was not posted on the 25th april,07

some other movies I like would be
1)thank you for smoking
2)love me if you dare
3)Lord of war
4)ocean's 11
5)/6)the 2 spiderman movies

i hate

the ring - still can vividly rem the turmoil i suffered whenever i had a need to use the loo in the middle of the nite.. ohhh the pain... n i watched it twice... sucker for free movie treat... de movie has been enbeded in my brain.

just finished a chalet with the colleagues. it was awesome, nice to have colleagues with similiar age group...

went to trade in my faulty mobile in on thurs, got myself a new mobile with 3.0 mega pixel, with 1G memory card, a cheaper monthly mobile plan and 19 bucks. One of the better deals i've had with my mobile.
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