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decision time

Is democracy really all tat hyped up to be?

sometimes its easier when things are planned for you. you whine, you protest, you go stamping around de house but deep now inside, you know u gotta just do it

presented with options, which option do you choose? will it be the right option?

bond with the bank ending soon.

havent really been a hit in terms of numbers, did manage to cruise through the whole year without much of a scare.

Colleagues are great, most of them at least. Get on pretty well with the ones I choose to at least. Ages almost similiar so goin to work is not really a chore, pretty enjoyable actually.

Boss is excellent. When I examine all de jobs tat I've been in, I must say she is the best boss i have had so far.

There r only two issues tat r buggin me. Namely cash n career progression.

After the revamp in the incentive structure, its not really tat great.(not tat Im regularly hittin de incentive of course) In terms of career progression, dont exactly want to pursue one in this current bank.

I like meetin ppl, chattin with ppl, am basically a ppl orientated fello. I am also interested in the various derivative instrument available on the market and the returns that they can offer.

so wads next?
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