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i am thankful for what i have been given in my life. Fortunate enough that i have all the required tools to make more of myself. unfortunate coz i dun bother to put the effort in. i just waste the gifts i have been given.

i am blessed with

friends who will help me with my goals

friends who bring laughter and joy in my life

a working environment which is supportive and not insane

a means of transport that makes life so much more convenient

a family, as dysfuntional as it may be sometimes, that still loves me for who i am

since i realise this, i will strive to make more of it, to achieve more and to give it back somehow

its good to know that the heart can still be moved. no fairytale ending, but it strangely comforting that it did not end with her, that there is a glimmer of hope that i may actually love again with all my heart
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