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april 08/08

workwise, did fairly well during de first quarter, doin even better this month... have to keep de momentum going...focus focus... im really thankful for where im in. It gave me de time to improve. im better now n i will continue to improve

met up with my oldest frens ever on sunday.. good to see them again glad tat we r still de easy-goin ppl,  open to doin crazy stuff.. haha.. plannin a trip to thailnd with them.. hopefully it materializes

manage to finally lose 1 kg last month.. woohoo!!! must keep it up

my finance sucks.. not tat im in debt or watsoever, but i tink i tend to spend too much...   if u cant curb yur spending, u just have to earn more

golf is fun, may not be really good at it yet but i'll improve n get better, I always do

liverpool vs arsenal... "you'll nver walk alone"

nver knew a blister could hurt so much... ouch!!

im still learnin bout us, tryin to make things better between us,  i guess it once i stop learnin, its when i finally stop lovin u

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