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one more nice weekend

spent the weekend on board the superstar virgo... it was totally awesome, drinkin bellinis at the glaxay of stars(to be frank, only one of us drinkin tat, de other was drinking his usual jd coke), dinin at the belle vista and going for seconds after... totally chilled weekend with loads of food, a host of non complusory activities to indulge in. Of course non of the above would have matter if i had a horrible companion. needless to say, the singular company i had was wonderful.

i like the movie 200 pounds beauty too, specially the scene whereby kim ah jung sings maria... though i dont understand jack but awwwww... she is so adorable...

suffering from post cruise blues....

readin confessions of a shopaholic now... cant really identify with the protagonist on the make-up, clothes etc...but can understand the fantasies she has, the overspending, the vain attempts to curb the overspending... must admit that the gf book recommendations are pretty good...

all you can do, all that you can really ask of yourself is that you do your best. if it doesnt pan out, you can find solace in knowing that you did it to the best of your ability. in reality, for most ppl, effort does not equate success but the lack of effort will lead to failure
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